63 min
Dir. Julian Radlmaier

Hope for cinema and the rejected of Europe! This comic/absurd fairytale offers a way out of despair in our harsh post-capitalist age. Georgian cleaners in a castle in East Germany preparing a party for the elite consider their proletarian options.

Three young Georgians have to clean a castle in Berlin, where a German arms manufacturer's art collection is being set up for an exhibition. Of course, the proletariat isn't welcome at the opening party and they are banished to a servants' room in the attic. Downstairs, however, a splendid buffet attracts them - so why not just ignore the unfair prohibition and cross the line of class society? Didn't the French Revolution start over a piece of cake?
Telling each other unlikely tales ranging from an adventure of Saint Francis to a spiritualistic séance in the USSR, the three try to figure out whether class relations can be overcome, when all existing stories say they can't. They also have to deal with obstinate clouds, neo-liberal working conditions, apocalyptic petty bourgeois and agents of a late-capitalist conspiracy, which they defeat with a laziness one must call messianic. A proletarian winter's tale, in short.

*Rotterdam Film Festival Official Selection 2014
*Bildrausch Filmfest Basel 2014
*11. Fresh Film Fest 2014, Prague/Czech Republic
*Viennale Vienna International Film Festival 2014
*Sevilla Festival de Cine Europeo 2014
*LIFFe Ljubljana IFF 2014
*Human Rights Film Festival Zagreb 2014
*Olhar de Cinema - Curitiba IFF 2015
*2morrow FF Moscow 2016

***Audience Award FICUNAM Unam International Film Festival 2015, Mexico City/Mexico
***Artistic Contribution Award, Olhar de Cinema - Curitiba IFF